A shift is coming, my friends.

On my first post, I mentioned that my commitment is to never stop growing. Therefore this blog will never stop growing. It will evolve, changing shape, and shift content. And the time has come to take this site to the next level.


We need you. Your stories. Your expertise. Your learnings. Your wisdom.

As much as this blog is all about me, sharing my story, and the nuances of my 25 year age gap, there are countless stories that have gone untold. And maybe one of those stories is yours.

So let’s chat. I want to interview you. Better understand your pain points. Share your stories. Create value for you. I didn’t create this site to just share the daily ups and downs of the life of Natalie Workman – my mission is to redefine age gap relationships- of all shapes, sizes, age ranges, socioeconomic classes…you get the point.

In the few short months since I’ve started writing, I’ve had hundreds of women reach out to show support and share how we’re all the same. The most encouraging messages I receive are from women who see their story in mine: it’s an untold story for many. And it can be highly uncomfortable to talk about – Becoming a step mom. Overcoming other’s opinions. Falling for someone you feel like you have to “explain.” Marrying someone who is more established. Finding your place.

These circumstances are not unique to age gaps. And there is power in people sharing their stories – especially the not so pretty stories, the ones we don’t exactly know how to tell. But they’re the ones that connect us. The ones that help us. The ones that change us. Seeing ourselves in others remind us of our own resilience.

So why not share yours? Many of you have asked for this opportunity and I’m finally ready to start this process. I want to interview anyone and everyone I can get my hands on. We can learn from each other. We can relate to each other. And hopefully, we can grow together in these crazy, beautiful (and sometimes tumultuous) age gap relationships.

XOXO Natalie

email: [email protected]

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