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Hi. Hey. Hello. Or should I say: hola! I’m even more chipper than usual this morning because we are heading to CABO! Like literally. Right now. We’re on our way. And I’m stoked. Not to toot my own horn here, but I think this might be one of my greatest qualities. I’m easily excitable. It doesn’t matter if we’re going out to dinner, hanging at the house, or heading on a big trip – I always get excited. And the influencer in me wants everyone around me to be just as excited as I am. I start most conversations by asking Brandon, “are you excited about xyz babe?!” He knows it’s coming. And, thankfully, he plays along.

Brandon Dawson - Cabo Diaries - Cabo Home

So back to Cabo, I love Cabo. Always have. This is one of many reasons* we decided to buy a house here, which has its positives and negatives. More on that in a minute. *Brandon has his own reasons for loving Cabo and wanting a place down here. I think he needs to do a post on it – yes? I’ve been going to Cabo since I was in junior high. My parents have friends who owned a gorgeous home in Palmilla and they invited us to stay with them every year around the holidays. Who says no to that kind of invite? We love them and their home was in a picturesque location, on a golf course, in one of the most affluent neighborhoods I had ever been to. Being from Camas, Washington, I didn’t know many people with multimillion dollar homes. Much less, multimillion dollar second or third homes. Growing up, I always wondered what it would be like to own a home there. To be one of those people. What did they do? How did they make their money? What were their problems? Were they happy? This annual family vacation was always the trip we looked forward to most. As a family, some of our best memories were in this neighborhood. My brother and I weren’t allowed to bring friends or whoever we were dating at the time to this sacred trip. It was family first. We spent my adolescent Christmases and New Year’s there. In many ways, I grew up there and I vividly remember how I would change, year after year. There were distinct phases and I can remember each of them clearly. Junior high. Then high school. And finally college. Just as I hit the age where family vacations start to become less frequent as I became an adult, I entered yet another phase. This new phase began Thanksgiving 2017. We went Cabo. But instead of staying with my parents, my parents were staying with me. And my boyfriend. In our home. In Palmilla.

Natalie Workman - Cabo Diaries - Cabo Home

We bought our dream house in Cabo.

To be exact, it’s a condo. And it’s a 3 minute walk from the home I grew up staying in. Even though we’ve now owned the home for over a year, it’s still surreal. I got to furnish and decorate it to my liking and, if I do say so myself, it’s gorgeous. It was a dream of mine to have a house here. Not one of those dreams that I actively perused. Or even remotely thought would happen. It just kind of… did. I’m all of the sudden one of “those” people. Which actually doesn’t feel like me at all. It’s such a crazy experience to have things that, at one point, you thought would make you happy. Things that you aspired to. That you dreamed of. The crazy part isn’t that you have them. What’s crazy is you’re the exact same person you were before having them. You haven’t changed. Not one bit. But it’s easy to feel like you have and I watch people get caught in this trap all the time. When the things they always wanted become theirs all of the sudden, they can become big shots. They take on a new persona. I don’t think it’s intentional and honestly, I’ve 100% fallen into this trap before.  I hate traps and I want to slap myself every time I do this. Every time I get wrapped in a conversation all about the things I have instead of the ideas I have. It is so damn easy to get cozy around new, shiny things and make believe that they matter. But they don’t matter. Bragging about them doesn’t make you cool. Doesn’t make you happy. And certainly doesn’t make sane people like you. But I digress -so let’s start to wrap this thing up. The good and bad of owning a home in Cabo: 

Natalie Workman - Cabo Diaries - Cabo Home

The Positives

As I mentioned, I love Cabo. I’ve never been anywhere prettier. It’s just stunning and the city is filled with everything I love – sun 300 days a year, great nightlife, a buzzing dinner scene, and an ocean that feels like bathwater. When it comes to Cabo, there’s no better place to vacation or retire. And remember how I thought I wanted to retire and be a house girlfriend last year? Well, if I could have stuck to that plan and was actually going to retire, Cabo would be choice numero uno. But I’m learning that just because you love something, doesn’t mean you need more of it. It’s like ice cream: just because you love it, doesn’t mean eating a gallon a night is good for you.

The Negatives

So let’s talk about the bad. For me, I woke up one day and realized I want to work my butt off and create a career. Having a home in Cabo and sipping margaritas all day isn’t going to get me where I want to be. For all the reasons that make Cabo an amazing place to vacation – the sun, the food, the beach – it isn’t the most conducive place to start a business and work 12 hours a day. It’s certainly not impossible, and we know plenty of hardworking, successful people who do it. But it’s not for me. Brandon and I closed on our home in July of last year and I’ve spent 3 of 16 months enjoying it. And I mean it: when I’m there, I enjoy it. Almost too much. We’ve had no shortage of friends and family come down and visit – to where it always feels like an incredible vacation. Who doesn’t love vacation? But therein lies the challenge: we all like vacation but it makes not for productivity.

Natalie Workman - Cabo Diaries - Cabo Home

So all of that to say, I love Cabo. Always will. At the present moment, we’re considering listing our place because we are on a quest to simplify in a BIG way. We spend too much time being all over and want to spend more time in Vancouver and Phoenix. So we’re working on that and figuring out what that looks like. But this coming week will be all sorts of fun and we will enjoy every minute of this place we love. We’re here to celebrate Brandon’s middle daughter’s birthday with her friends and we feel unbelievably lucky just to be here. There’s no question we’re going to make unforgettable memories.

Also, what do we think about a wedding in Cabo? I’m liking the idea. #TheDawsonsTakeCabo2025 Haha just kidding. Sorry to be a tease.

We just landed and I’m ready for tequila and tacos! <— I actually am not really a tequila drinker. Vodka is my drink of choice but when in Mexico, ya know?

Xoxo Natalie

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