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Have I mentioned Cabo is one of our absolute favorite places to visit? If not, let’s get that on the record. Over the past year, I have spent 3 months in Cabo. I’m far from a Cabo aficionado but I did make it my mission to find date night spots that will be our go-to’s for years to come. Now “date night” means different things to different people and for us, we like variety. Eating at the same restaurant, ordering the same thing every night is not for us. Yawn. No thanks. Let’s keep it interesting, shall we? Some nights we like a quieter evening. You know- something more romantic. Other nights, we want to be entertained. Have a party. Or shall I say: a fiesta!

This list captures both ends of the spectrum.

I’d also like to note that this list is broken up by location and this es muy importante. When people say, “I’m going to Cabo,” it’s kinda like saying “I’m going to LA.” The follow up question should always be: Where in LA? West Hollywood is very different from Downtown which is very different from Beverly Hills. As with LA, there is a fairly large discrepancy between Cabo San Lucas, the Cabo Corridor, and Puerto Los Cabos.  And there’s nothing I hate more than planning a trip, picking all the restaurants, then showing up and realizing the restaurants I wanted to visit are a 30-minute drive. Date Night Killer. Let’s not do that. But but but: if you decide to drive a long distance because you’re a foodie – at least you know ahead of time. No surprises.

Natalie Workman - Cabo Diaries - Restaurants

Top 8 Date Night Restaurants in Cabo

Puerto Los Cabos:


Cuisine: Mexican

Javier’s is a favorite of ours. It’s comfort Mexican food in an upscale environment. You can’t go wrong with their tacos and enchilada plate – this is definitely my favorite. The table-side quac is also to die for and I can never leave a Mexican restaurant without ordering queso dip. YUM. This is the perfect place if you are looking for a nice, quiet dinner in a beautiful setting. Javier’s is also a trendy spot in LA and Vegas so when you’re making the reservations, make sure it’s the Los Cabos location.


Cuisine: California Coastal Cuisine

The Vidanta Hotel is an excellent hotel in in Puerto Los Cabo: it has everything you could need: a great day club, delicious food, and a beautiful view. They opened the OMNIA Day Club this winter and it’s a fun spot that feels just like Vegas. Herringbone, one of two restaurants on property, has great drinks and a fun, light twist on some classic seafood dishes. We went in the off season so it was a bit slower than I expected but the food was excellent and the environment certainly has potential. I would definitely go here for a quieter date night and stop by the SHOREbar after for a night cap.

Natalie Workman - Cabo Diaries - Restaurants

Flora Farms

Cuisine: Farm to Table

This is a Cabo staple. You can’t talk about Cabo without Flora Farms coming up. It’s known for it’s sketchy drive and unique environment. It’s a farm in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains that requires a bit of faith during your cab ride. It truly pioneered this rustic farm-to-table concept with Acre, just down the dirt path, on its heels a few years later. I do love Flora but feel more obligated than compelled to take people there. I prefer Acre to Flora because it’s newer and feels sexier. If I’m going to drive 35 minutes to dinner, I want it to feel sexy.


Cuisine: Farm to Table

Ah. Acre. The jungle in the Baja. Acre is beautiful. Show up early to take photos before the sunsets as there are countless Instagram worthy spots. The food is great and it’s one of those places where you just feel cool being there. If you want to extend your date night well into the evening, you can also reserve a tree house. A FREAKIN TREE HOUSE! So cool. This place is pure magic and a must see. When you go, be sure to checkout the animals on the backside of the restaurant and make it a point to meet Burrito the donkey. He’s a chill dude.

Natalie Workman - Cabo Diaries - Restaurants

Cabo Corridor:


Cuisine: Sushi and Civiche

This is a Palmilla classic. You can’t leave Cabo without visiting the One and Only Hotel. It’s an iconic Cabo hotel with breathtaking views of the ocean and unparalleled service. This hotel is a 5 minute golf cart drive from our home and it was certainly a selling point for us. Suviche has a mix of fresh sushi and sashimi paired with Mexican ceviches. They’re also known for their sake. Now, I’m not a huge sake fan but there is an expert Sake Sommelier on site that will help a girl out. This Jean-Georges restaurant certainly lives up to the brand.


Cuisine: Pan Asian

This is a newbie to the Cabo food scene and just when we thought we didn’t need another food option, Arbol came into our lives. We tried this on our last night of our last trip last season and we were PUMPED. The environment is as romantic as it is chic. From the walkway lit with twinkly trees, to the orange hue inside the restaurant, they have created a vibe that’s truly unique. Oh and the food was spectacular. Every course had a touch of something special. A sparkler. A hand-poured sauce. Everything had something fun. But know ahead of time that you’re certainly going to pay a premium for this heightened experience. This restaurant is not cheap.

Natalie Workman - Cabo Diaries - Restaurants

Cabo San Lucas:

Bar Esquina

Cuisine: Mediterranean and Mexican Inspired

This place is sexy. There’s live music every night of the week and there’s always a buzz in the air. It’s instantly recognizable with the fire elements around the exterior and the music filling the streets. We normally start with a pizza to share – because they are DELICIOUS. Like, so good. For the entree, we’ve tried just about everything and never go wrong. It’s all good. Just last night we tried the lobster pasta and my mouth is watering just thinking about it. If you like it hot, ask for them to make it spicy. Bar Esquina a fun, more upscale spot in the Cabo San Lucas area that’s convenient because it’s close to the downtown Cabo nightlife. We love going on a Friday or Saturday night so we can have a great meal and easily access the clubs afterwards. My favorite Cabo nightclub is Mandala and I’m almost always in the mood to dance after leaving Bar Esquina.

The Office

Cuisine: Mexican

I am certain our friends who live in Cabo just rolled their eyes that I included The Office on this list but HEAR ME OUT: If your idea of a great date night is dinner and a show,The Office is the place for you. Every night there’s something different happening at The Office and it will not disappoint. The people watching is priceless. You sit in the sand, eat tacos to your hearts content, and watch crazy tourists do crazy things because they’ve had a little too much tequila. It’s always a riot. And don’t forget to take your picture with Rambo. He’s a Cabo celebrity. 

Natalie Workman - Cabo Diaries - Restaurants

That’s it for this week, folks! We’re headed out to Acre tonight and I am SO looking forward to saying hi to Burrito.

Make it a great weekend loves,

Xoxo Natalie

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