Natalie Workman in Cabo - Things I Do Every Morning

Let’s talk about our morning routine. Neither of us are early risers. I love staying up late, computer in my lap, answering emails, or researching our next trip (usually while watching the Real Housewives of FILL IN THE BLANK). So when the morning comes, I’m usually not ready for it. I love the idea of the morning and being a morning person but this just isn’t me at this phase of my life. But guess what? Everyday starts with a morning. Weird, huh? Okay maybe not so weird. But we all have a routine. You know – the things we do every morning. And I’ve been working on further developing these routines. Here’s where I’m at so far:

Natalie Workman in Cabo - Things I Do Every Morning

3 Things I Do Every Morning

Drink Water

Water. Water. Water. Water. In the morning, it’s important to drink water and rehydrate. I used to never drink water. I hated the way it tastes and would much prefer a Diet Coke at any time throughout the day or night. I was the type of person who only drank water a couple times a month when I was dehydrated after working out. But that was it. Now, drinking water is a priority to me because I actually feel better. Especially in the morning. Earlier this year, I read Aubrey Marcus’ book, Own the Day, Own Your Life and it was a game changer. I completely changed every thought I had about drinking water and the importance of drinking it in the morning. He recommends drinking a “mineral cocktail” as soon as you wake up that consists of:

  • 12 ounces filtered, room temperature water
  • 3 grams sea salt
  • 1/4 lemon, squeezed

The honest truth: this drink does not taste fantastic and you kind of have to just shoot it back. Whenever we’re in Cabo, we stop by the store, grab some lemons, and make this little concoction to drink in order to start our day and I can honestly say – it makes a difference.

Natalie Workman in Cabo - Things I Do Every Morning

Head to Starbucks to Grab A Latte

Next up is our daily trip to Starbucks. Something you should know about Brandon and me: we are Starbucks fanatics. We are constantly on the road but Starbucks brings us consistency. Neither one of us would say it’s the most amazing, high quality coffee on the planet. We know it’s not. But there is something about knowing what to expect that we so greatly appreciate. We have ordered the same thing for years: a venti skinny vanilla latte. I think I introduced him to it but he swears he liked them before I came along. To that I say, “what’s more important: to be right or happy?” This little saying almost instantly jolts us out of petty bickering. I mean, come on. Does it really matter who introduced who to their favorite drink from Starbucks? No – but because this is my blog and I get to say whatever I want, I’d like to state for the record that I introduced HIM to skinny vanilla lattes.

Natalie Workman in Cabo - Things I Do Every Morning

Skip Breakfast

The only time I ever gain weight is when I eat breakfast habitually. Now I’m not blaming my weight gain on the best meal of the day. I’m simply stating my experience. Breakfast is a big no no for me because it starts my day completely out of wack. I don’t wake up hungry in the morning and never have. As for these photos – they were taken at 4pm and we were starving (probably from not having eaten breakfast) and let’s be real: the grapefruit and coffee cups were used for m But Natalie – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Umm no. Wrong. This is flat out not true and if you’re keeping up to date with recent studies, this is no surprise to you. Eating breakfast will not make you live a longer or healthier life. Eating the right things in the right amounts will. So I say no to breakfast. Especially when we’re in Mexico because who wants a food baby in a swimsuit? No one. Ever. Alright. It’s time for a massage. I’ve been reading the Thank You Economy this week and audiobooks are my favorite way to passively multitask while getting a massage. Until tomorrow, Xoxo Natalie

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